Our POPs History

The UK POPS is a non-profit organization; its membership and events are administrated and arranged by volunteers.  The UK TopPOP is responsible for managing our membership, coordinating events and lead delegate at the Worlds POPS. They our also the UK voice when our members want to suggest changes to POPS Completion rules or propose additional events or record attempts.  Your TOP POPS have been:

Your current Top-POP

Polly Chandler #11 2016-

The World POPS Championship and Meet takes place every two to three years and is an opportunity to share new techniques, share experiences, renew old friendships, make new ones and take part in friendly competition against POPS members from all over the world. It is the responsibility of the current World Top-POP to organise.

The POPS World Championship and Meet consists of: procession accuracy, sports accuracy, four-way scrambles, four-way nationals, speed-star (size depending on aircraft time) and ‘Hit and Rock’. The POPS community is a very important element of these events, with trips arranged for family and members, social gatherings with food and a few wines and beers.

 There are also a number of other formal and informal events across the world. These take many forms from competitions and record attempts.


#1  1978-1983