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The 15th World POPS Meet and Championship will take place at the Army Parachute

Association (APA), Netheravon over the period Fri 19 Aug – Thurs 25 Aug 2022. The Championship is open to all international registered members of the Parachutists Over Phorty Society (POPS)


All competitors are required to pre-register (re-register) on the following link:


and registration will remain open until 2359 on Mon 22 Jul. Late registration maybe possible, however, this does not guarantee a last night dinner slot or goodie bag.

Linked below is a copy of the 15th World POPS Meet and Championship Instruction Bulletin. It should contain all the information you require to register and information on the event and location.

Chief Judge: Amanda Kenny, British Skydiving

Meet Director: TBC

World TOP POP: Polly Chandler

Judging Panel: TBC

TOP POP Appeal Panel: TBC

Any questions, please speak to your nations TOP POP, before emailing us on parachutistsoverphortyUK@gmail.com

Information Bulletin & World Rules are still under consideration and are subject to change, upon any changes due to Safety, Health or Security reasons. This notice will be updated upon any changes. Published 30/8/2021, last updated 31/8/2021.


Latest Information

DZ Area Nethers.jpg


Location: Army Parachute Association (APA) (Skydive Netheravon), Airfield Camp, Netheravon, Wiltshire, SP4 9RY

Date: 19th - 26th Aug 2022.

DZ Details: The parachute centre is located between Salisbury and Marlborough just off the A345, approximately 5 miles north of the A303. Airfield Camp Netheravon is sign posted on red military road signs from the village of Netheravon. The Camp is situated on a hill above the village itself. Use SP4 9RY, this will get you to the road just before the entrance to the airfield camp. What 3 Words: blotting.overhead.arrived

The Army Parachute Association (APA) has charitable objectives which are to promote and support sports parachuting for military personnel, active and retired. Our Association welcomes civilian members and appreciates the skills and diversity that they bring to the APA.

The airfield was first used before the First World War, initially for balloon operations. Aircraft were flown by the Royal Flying Corps, also before the First World War. The RFC became the Royal Air Force in 1918. In the Second World War the airfield was RAF Netheravon and was home to 296 and 297 squadrons.

The airfield is claimed to be the longest continuously operated airfield in the world. 

Aircraft: Currently holds 2 Grand Caravan (C208) fitted with the super-fast Blackhawk engines. 

Exit Altitude and Speeds: 4-Way and Speed Star, 3,660 meters Above Ground Level (AGL), 12.000 ft,  Exit speed 85 (+/- 5) Knots.

Accuracy (including Sport, Hit'n'Rock), 1220 m AGL (4,000 ft.), Exit speed 80 Knots.

PLA Nethers.jfif


Landing Area:

Our PLA (Parachute Landing Area) is the biggest in the UK.

Packing Area:

No other drop zone in the world has an indoor packing area/hangar like this.  Our huge hanger has thick padded mats to protect your gear and your knees, heating to combat the British weather, mock ups to practise exits and manifest screens to make sure you don't miss your load.  This photo below shows only a quarter of the hanger!

Camping Facilities:

Camping is allowed on site, Motor Homes/Campers are welcome power is not available. There are a few bunk rooms on site with toilets and showers available for all those camping.

Packing Hall Nethers 1.jpg


Café and Bar:

Our not-for-profit, comfortable café sells hot and cold food all day long. In the evening, you can watch the sunset load while enjoying a cold beer and a warm meal and later watch the day's videos on our PlayOn system. Evening meals can be pre-ordered and will be advertised in advance on the day.

Shop and Rigging Services: There is an on-site shop for skydiving bits and there is normally a rigger on site for emergency repairs etc.

Local Hotels/Amenities:

Other than the bunk house, camping or Motorhome/Caravan there are a number of B&B’s in the area and a few hotels within 20 mins drive. Amesbury, Salisbury or Andover are the closest towns to the DZ, with bars and hotels to facilitate. The dinner night is being held at the Stones Hotel, High Post, Salisbury. The hotel has stated that a discount can be applied if you choose to stay there, however the distance from the DZ is just over 20mins, please quote World POPS on booking.

Transport HUBs: 

Air Travel:

Closest International Airports are London Heathrow or Gatwick, both are within a 1 1/2 hr car journey. 

Europe connections are Southampton (if operating) & Bristol airports with 1 1/2 hr from DZ etc.

Recommend that you hire a vehicle or shuttle service to get you to your Hotel/B&B or the DZ. Do not get a taxi service as it will cost a fortune.


Trains run from London to Salisbury City (closest main hub station) & Bristol or Southampton to Salisbury. Once there a taxi service or shuttle will be required to get you to your hotel/B&B or to the DZ.


The UK runs a bus service called National Express. They operate at all major cities and airports. They are very cheap priced, however they are not always a direct service and may require planned interconnections. The closest hub to reach is Salisbury City or Amesbury. It is then local transport to hotels/B&B or DZ.



Below is the list of events that will be available during the championship:

4 Way Formation Skydiving Scrambles (Open to all competitors)(Teams will be picked at random) Number of Rounds: 4

4 Way Formation Skydiving Nationals (Random Formations Only)(Open to all National teams)(Requires 4 competitors of the same country)(This event will be split between POPS and SOS Teams)(If you enter this event, you are not permitted to enter the Open category) Number of Rounds: 5 

4 Way Formation Skydiving Open (This event includes A Class Blocks)(Open to all National teams)(Requires 4 competitors of the same country)(This event will be split between POPS and SOS Teams)(If you enter this event, you are not permitted to enter the Nationals category) Number of Rounds: 5

Accuracy (This is also known as precision accuracy)(This event will be split between POPS and SOS Competitors) Number of Rounds: 6 (TBC)

Sports Accuracy (This event is open to all competitors) (This event will be split between POPS and SOS Competitors) Number of Rounds: 3

Speed Star (Open to all competitors)(Size of teams will be decided on the number of Competitors and aircraft suitability)(Teams will be picked at random) Number of Rounds: 3

Hit and Rock (Open to all competitors)(This event will be split between POPS and SOS Competitors) Number of Rounds: 1



The rules below were ratified for the 14th World POPS Meet and Championship in Australia 2018. UK POPS 2022 rules will be shared before the event.

POPS General Competition Rules

POPS 4 Way Formation Rules

POPS Precision Accuracy Rules

POPS Sport Accuracy Rules

POPS Speed Star Rules

POPS Hit n Rock Rules



The following awards, are given during the closing ceremony dinner at each World Meet and Championship and are an integral part of the POPS history.


The Pops Leather Jacket is awarded to a POPS World Meet and Championship participant that best personifies the POPS Spirit. It is awarded at the closing ceremony by the previous recipient.


This award recognises and honors a participant who most represents the 'POPS Spirit'. This is defined as a singular person who contributes to the overall fun and competitiveness of the meet, is supportive, cooperative, pleasant and perhaps colourful in demeanor. This can be awarded to anyone present or participating in the meet but must be a POPS member.


This award is presented to the best competing SOS team, taking part in the 4-way National Team competition and highlights the achievement of our SOS participants.


This award is presented to the next World Top Pop for the next World Meet and Championship. It is handed from the current World Top Pop to the next at the closing ceremony.